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Everything you need to know about bodidoc and more! 

  • Does this remove stretch marks?
    Bodidoc Tissue Oil products contain ingredients that help nourish and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. While there is no definitive product that can completely ‘remove’ stretch marks, our customers have said that Bodidoc has significantly diminished their stretch marks, and some have even reported that theirs disappeared altogether!
  • Does this remove dark spots?
    Bodidoc Tissue Oil products contain ingredients that help nourish and reduce the appearance of dark spots. However, dark spots can be permanent, depending on how long they have been there, the age of the person in question, etc. No product can ‘remove’ dark spots, but proper nourishment can diminish their appearance.
  • Where can I find your products?
    Bodidoc is stocked in Pep, Shoprite, Checkers, and selected Clicks, Spar, Cosmetic Connection, Takealot and Pick ‘n Pay stores. You can also order products online.
  • What are Bodidoc Tissue Oil products used for?
    The Bodidoc Tissue Oil range nourishes your skin from the outside in. Powerhouse ingredients can assist with the appearance of stretch marks, scars, and uneven skin tone. It’s a year-round daily moisturiser with a light signature scent. Bodidoc produces unisex products that are loved by all ages. If you care about looking after your skin, then Bodidoc is the choice for you.
  • Can Bodidoc be used on the face?
    Bodidoc Tissue Oil Cream is not formulated for use on the face. That said, if you wish to try it out, we suggest that you do so at night. Use a very small amount and ensure that you avoid the area around your eyes.
  • Can kids use Bodidoc tissue oil products?
    Both pre-teens and teens can use Bodidoc Tissue Oil products, and our ingredients should be completely safe for this age group. For younger kids, we recommend doing a patch test on your child’s forearm to ensure that there is no adverse reaction.
  • Can babies use Bodidoc Tissue Oil cream?
    Bodidoc Tissue Oil products are not designed for infants or toddlers. Please do not apply our products to children in this age group.
  • Bodidoc Tissue Oil Cream makes my skin dry. What can I do?
    It sounds like you probably suffer from very dry skin. Most Bodidoc products are made from a light formulation for normal skin types, but if you struggle with incredibly dry skin, we recommend using the pure Bodidoc Tissue Oil for extra nourishment and skin benefits or our Bodidoc Tissue Oil Cream with Urea for dry skin.
  • How long until I see results?
    Beautiful skin requires commitment and consistency. Using our products over an extended period of time will yield healthy, glowing skin. Tissue oils have powerhouse ingredients, but they are not overnight miracle workers. Every person’s skin is different, so results may be faster for some, but slower for others. Please head to our testimonials page to see how others have seen the Bodidoc difference.
  • What is the price point?
    Bodidoc is very affordable for the value it offers. Compared to other luxury skincare products, Bodidoc’s pricing is very reasonable. However, if you are a bargain hunter, keep an eye out at your local store for deals and specials, and stock up in bulk when there’s a discount available.
  • What are the ingredients?
    Our hero ingredients are: - Avocado Oil - Sunflower Seed Oil - Evening Primrose Oil - Wheatgerm Oil - Vitamin E
  • What is tissue oil and what does it do for my skin?
    Please click here to read more about our tissue oil products and their benefits.
  • Does Bodidoc tissue oil cream have UV protection?
    We know that UV protection is incredibly important to apply every day, especially when out in the sun, however, Bodidoc does not contain any SPF or UV protection. Our products are designed to be light, so any UV protection must be applied in addition to your Bodidoc products. That said, please let us know if you would like us to start looking into a sun protection range.
  • How can I work with Bodidoc?
    We are always on the lookout for local talent for our upcoming campaigns. Please send an email to and we will be in touch. Thank you for your interest in working with us!
  • Who is Bodidoc for?
    Bodidoc is for everyone who wants to maintain glowing, healthy skin! No matter what your age, gender or skin type, Bodidoc is sure to have a product that will nourish your skin with regular use.


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